20+ Perfect Songs With Good Bass You’ll Really Feel

Few things evoke the joy of dancing to a captivating melody quite like a robust bassline. Across various cultures and genres, the allure of bass-heavy songs is undeniable. Discovering something profoundly rhythmic adds a visceral element to the musical experience.

If you’re in search of outstanding bass, look no further. Delve into the following compilation for a selection of top-notch songs distinguished by their exceptional bass lines.

Songs With Good Bass

Exploring the rhythmic depths of music is an adventure that resonates with enthusiasts around the globe. Among the myriad elements that contribute to an unforgettable sonic experience, the bassline stands out as a powerful force that can dictate the mood and intensity of a composition.

In this journey through the realm of music, we invite you to discover a curated selection of songs renowned for their exceptional bass, where each note becomes a heartbeat, pulsating through genres and cultures. Join us as we delve into a world where the low frequencies take center stage, creating an immersive and dynamic musical landscape. Welcome to the realm of “Songs With Good Bass.”

1. Good Times by Chic

There’s a significant likelihood that you’ve encountered “Good Times” even if you’re not consciously aware of it. This is attributed to its status as one of the most frequently sampled melodies in the musical landscape over the past few decades, particularly within the realm of hip-hop.

Achieving the top position on the charts just a month after its release in August, “Good Times” solidified its success. Not only did it claim the number one spot, but it also earned the distinction of being the best-selling 45 rpm single from Atlantic Records. Billboard further honored it by naming the track the best soul single of 1979.

2. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

The name Led Zeppelin is ubiquitous, known to all, regardless of whether they are avid listeners of their music. This particular song has gained fame within the Lord of the Rings fandom, largely owing to lyrics inspired by the novels.

John Paul Jones contributes a robust bassline throughout the track, a quality that becomes even more pronounced in the remastered version, where the bass exhibits a brighter resonance. Nevertheless, for many fans, the original version remains unparalleled, with the bass infusing a deep tone that compels you to nod your head in rhythmic appreciation.

3. Tu Manera by INNA

A captivating bassline knows no language or genre boundaries, as evidenced by INNA’s music.

In one of her latest tracks, “Tu Manera,” the groovy bassline takes center stage, making its mark in various entertainment outlets, including its feature on the soundtrack for Need For Speed: Heat. This infectious bassline invites you to dance along to a vibrant and upbeat tune, showcasing the universal appeal of a well-crafted musical foundation.

4. I Wish by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s acclaimed song, “I Wish,” clinched the Best R&B Vocal Performance award in the men’s category.

Guided by a groovy bassline, this nostalgic track delves into the theme of reclaiming youth. As the infectious bass resonates with your soul, the lyrics strike a chord with your heart, delivering a poignant message that lingers long after the music fades.

5. Bleed by Meshuggah

Hailing from Sweden, Meshuggah stands out as one of the most prominent names in the realm of metal. Blending elements of prog, avant-garde, and groove into their compositions, the track “Bleed” boasts a fiercely aggressive bassline that packs a punch, nearly leaving its listeners concussed.

For metal enthusiasts, Meshuggah’s tracks are a compelling and unavoidable experience, with “Bleed” standing out as one of their most powerful and unforgettable offerings.

6. The Ace Of Spades by Motorhead

Motorhead has solidified its place in metal history, and “The Ace Of Spades” stands as one of their most iconic tracks.

During its release, the song spent an impressive 13 weeks in the top 100, dominating the charts and contributing to a successful redefinition of metal. In more recent times, the passing of frontman Lemmy propelled this legendary track back into the charts across several nations, a testament to its enduring impact.

7. I’m Only Joking by Kongos

Capturing a sinister aura in a track is no easy feat, yet Kongos executes it flawlessly.

With manipulative lyrics and intricate time switches, the only grounding force throughout the song is the compelling bassline. It’s an ominous composition that irresistibly compels you to dance, showcasing the band’s mastery of creating a dark yet captivating musical atmosphere.

8. Money by Pink Floyd

Blending elements of prog rock, hard rock, and blues, “Money” stands out as one of the most distinctive tracks in Pink Floyd’s repertoire.

A significant contributor to its recognition is the pervasive bassline that weaves seamlessly through the entire song, persisting even during an extensive guitar solo. This bassline serves as an anchor, grounding listeners throughout the rocky journey, particularly notable in its 7/4 time signature.

9. Chameleon by Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” defies the conventional expectations often associated with jazz, particularly in terms of chunky basslines that resonate deeply.

Presenting two versions of the song, a 15:44 and a 9:41 rendition, it is the more extensive version that earns its place on the list. “Chameleon” is a hallmark in the jazz realm, instantly recognizable and possessing a timeless quality that embeds itself in your heart from the very first listen.

10. Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie

Renowned as a renaissance figure in the entertainment arts, Rob Zombie ventured into his solo career after the dissolution of White Zombie in 1998. Adopting his own pseudonym, he marked the debut of his solo journey with the release of “Hellbilly Deluxe.”

Within this album lie timeless classics such as “Dragula” and “Superbeast.” Notably, “Living Dead Girl” emerges as a standout, boasting one of the most robust basslines in Rob’s extensive discography.

11. N.I.B. by Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne, an iconic figure in the realm of metal, requires no introduction, and the music of Black Sabbath with him as the frontman stands among the most influential in the genre. “N.I.B.” serves as a compelling testament to Sabbath’s musical prowess.

This track narrates the intriguing tale of the devil falling in love and choosing to embark on a path of self-improvement. Notably, the lyrics were penned by bassist Geezer Butler, possibly accounting for the resonating impact of the bass, which hits with a formidable intensity.

12. Schism by Tool

Tool’s repertoire spans from grandiose progressive ballads to straightforward, heavy compositions, with “Schism” finding a middle ground—neither excessively lengthy nor devoid of prog influences.


The bassline in this track stands among the most renowned in the realm of progressive music—a distinction not easily earned. Its complexity has perplexed many bass players, making it a challenging title to master. The irresistible urge to drum your fingers along to the intricate notes only adds to the allure of this exceptional piece.

13. My Name Is Mud by Primus

Primus has gained widespread recognition for its unwavering emphasis on bass in its musical compositions, with frontman Les Claypool serving as both the vocalist and bass player, ensuring that the basslines take center stage.

A notable anecdote in Claypool’s journey is his audition for Metallica following Cliff Burton’s death. Allegedly, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich rejected Claypool, deeming him too proficient at the bass and suggesting that he pursue his own distinctive path.

It is precisely this commitment to individuality that places “My Name Is Mud” on this list. While nearly every Primus song boasts a fantastic bassline, this track stands out as one of their most renowned and beloved, solidifying its status as a fan favorite.

14. Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

Ranked twelfth on our list, this track holds the distinction of being acknowledged by Triple M as the 38th Most Australian song of all time. Notably, it reached the impressive position of number 3 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks and earned a nomination for Song of the Year in 2004.

The song commences with a mellow bassline, offering a preview of the impending groove even before the full band joins in. Carrying a distinctive garage rock sound, the bassline maintains its infectious groove from the very beginning to the end of the track.

15. Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flea’s prowess on the bass guitar is legendary, often being one of the foremost associations when the Red Hot Chili Peppers are mentioned.

The track “Can’t Stop” is universally recognized, transcending whether one is a dedicated listener of the band or not. The song begins with a gradually building instrumental, with the bass initially absent.

However, once it makes its entrance, it becomes irresistible, compelling listeners to nod their heads in rhythmic agreement. While selecting the best bassline from the band’s repertoire is challenging, “Can’t Stop” undeniably stands out as one of the most unmistakable and iconic examples.

16. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Few basslines boast the same level of recognition as “Seven Nation Army.” It stands as one of those essential lines that every aspiring bassist endeavors to master. Since its release in 2003, it has likely inspired more bassists than the majority of tracks launched in the years that followed.

This iconic track has transcended its musical origins, becoming an anthem or theme for countless events, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Its influence extends beyond sports, finding resonance in political events in the UK. Charting in multiple nations, even as covered by various artists, “Seven Nation Army” has achieved multi-platinum status, solidifying its place as a timeless and globally embraced musical masterpiece.

17. Come As You Are by Nirvana

Nirvana continues to maintain its enduring popularity long after the departure of frontman Kurt Cobain.

While “Nevermind” is an album brimming with hits, “Come As You Are” stands out with one of the most distinctive basslines. This catchy tune lingers in your mind, prompting repeated plays as its infectious melody refuses to let go.

18. Panic Attack by Dream Theater

Dream Theater’s “Panic Attack” stands out as one of the more intense tracks on this list, kicking off with a blisteringly fast bassline.

The rapid onslaught of bass right at the song’s onset takes you by surprise on the first listen. With no other instruments initially present, the concussive impact of the bass is impossible to ignore, creating an unmistakable presence that resonates throughout the track.

Memorable and weighty, this song is perfect for those seeking a dose of aggression in their basslines. While it may not be the type of music that prompts dancing, the formidable bass in “Panic Attack” is bound to leave a lasting impression.

19. YYZ by Rush

Rush is a band that has achieved widespread recognition, with their influence likely extending to many of your favorite bands, even if you haven’t personally delved into their music.

Much of their acclaim can be attributed to the exceptional basslines crafted by Geddy Lee. Within their extensive discography, this prog track stands out for housing one of the most unforgettable basslines. Despite the fact that the song has already reached the four-decade mark, its brilliance remains undiminished, making it just as fantastic today as it was upon its initial release.

20. Synthesize Her by TWRP

Among the more recent additions to our list, TWRP may not have achieved the same level of recognition as some of the other groups mentioned here. Nevertheless, the band’s emphasis on basslines is nothing short of impressive, delivering robust and memorable bass grooves that linger in your mind throughout the week.

In particular, “Synthesize Her” stands out as one of their most acclaimed songs, showcasing a rapid slap bass style that adds a vibrant rhythm to the track. The funky groove of this song is so infectious that you’ll find yourself humming it for hours on end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a song with a good bass?

A song with a good bass is typically characterized by a prominent, well-crafted bassline that adds depth, rhythm, and often serves as a driving force in the composition. The bassline should complement the overall musical arrangement, making it stand out and contribute to the overall appeal of the song.

Are songs with good bass limited to a specific genre?

No, songs with good bass can be found across various genres, from rock and metal to funk, hip-hop, jazz, and more. The presence of a strong bassline transcends genre boundaries, making it a key element in diverse styles of music.

Which artists or bands are known for producing songs with exceptional basslines?

Several artists and bands are renowned for their emphasis on exceptional basslines. Some notable examples include Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Geddy Lee from Rush, John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin, and Les Claypool from Primus, among others.

What makes a bassline memorable?

A memorable bassline is often characterized by its catchiness, distinctiveness, and ability to enhance the overall musical experience. It may have a unique melody, rhythmic complexity, or a certain groove that sets it apart and stays with the listener.

Can you dance to songs with good bass?

Absolutely, many songs with good bass are designed to be danceable. The rhythmic and pulsating nature of a strong bassline often encourages movement and adds energy to the music, making it a popular choice for dance-oriented genres.

Are there any classic songs known for their exceptional basslines?

Yes, numerous classic songs are celebrated for their outstanding basslines. Examples include “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen, and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, to name a few.

How has the role of the bass evolved in music over time?

The role of the bass has evolved significantly in music, from its traditional supportive role to becoming a more prominent and expressive element. Bassists are now recognized for their technical skill, creativity, and the ability to shape the overall sound and feel of a song.


The world of music is enriched by the presence of songs with exceptional basslines. Whether it’s the infectious grooves of classic tracks or the innovative sounds of contemporary compositions, the bass serves as a foundational element that can elevate the entire listening experience. From iconic bands like Led Zeppelin and Rush to newer artists like TWRP, the diversity of styles and genres that showcase impressive basslines is vast.

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