18+ Great Modern Rock Bands You Need To Know About 2022

As we approach the Fall season, what better time to invigorate the excitement of discovering new music. There exist numerous top-tier contemporary rock bands that deserve your attention; in this article, we’ve narrowed it down to twenty of them. Despite the convenience of Spotify playlists, it can still be challenging to stay abreast of the influx of new music. Here’s a comprehensive guide to exploring these bands and sampling their music.

You might perceive exceptional music to be confined to the greats of the 60s or 70s. I’ve encountered countless individuals who were unaware of the plethora of exceptional new rock music available. If you’re eager for a musical treat, take a look below. I am confident that you’ll be enthralled by the selections.

These modern rock groups have either recently released or are preparing to release new music. While not strictly blues/rock, they embody groundbreaking rock & roll with exceptionally skilled musicians and songwriters. I’ve curated a list featuring details, videos, and links to the bands’ websites to facilitate a deeper exploration of those that pique your interest.

List of Modern Rock Bands

There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of cranking up the volume on rock music. So, brace yourself for an exhilarating journey through some fantastic music hailing from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Scandinavia, and various corners of the globe.

Some of these bands draw inspiration from rock legends, while others offer a fresh, contemporary take on rock & roll. Each of these modern rock bands has been hand-picked because they possess remarkable talent. You won’t predominantly find head-banging rock, heavy metal, or arena rock in this collection.

What you’ll experience is genuine music created by highly skilled musicians. Some of these bands enjoy relative fame, while others are on the brink of making their mark. Nonetheless, each one demands to be played at maximum volume to truly appreciate the quality of their music and musicianship.

The order in which these bands are listed holds no particular significance. You’ll also find a Spotify playlist below for your listening pleasure.

Your comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed. I’ve integrated several of your band recommendations into this article, and I’m grateful for your input.

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1. Greta Van Fleet

Initially criticized as a Led Zeppelin imitation, Greta Van Fleet has defied such comparisons with their latest album, The Battle At Garden’s Gate. The album showcases their expansive, elegant, and forceful sound, serving as a testament to the enduring power of music. This Grammy Award-winning band has demonstrated their ability to craft intricate and intelligent new music, while staying true to the essence of classic rock. Their musical journey is one of constant evolution and growth.

Update as of April 2023: Greta Van Fleet is set to make a grand return to the global stage with a tour scheduled from July through September 2023. Fans can anticipate experiencing the music referenced in this article live at prominent venues such as Madison Square Garden and the Sea.Hear.Now Festival. This upcoming tour presents an ideal opportunity to witness the performance of one of the most beloved modern rock bands.

2. The Cold Stares

Hailing from Western Kentucky, The Cold Stares consist of guitarist Chris Tapp, drummer Brian Mullins, and bassist Bryce Klueh. Their music embodies authenticity, encompassing elements of hard rock, blues/rock, and rock & roll, characterized by commanding vocals and exceptional songwriting. Influenced by the likes of SRV, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, The Black Crowes, Free, and Led Zeppelin, their sound is a fusion of various rock classics.

The band has embarked on national tours, sharing the stage with renowned acts such as Rival Sons, Spoon, Joe Bonamassa, and Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Their latest album, Heavy Shoes, further solidifies their place in the contemporary rock scene.

3. The Commoners

Originating from Toronto, Canada, The Commoners are a dynamic four-piece rock and roots/rock band. Their upcoming album, Find A Better Way, is scheduled for release on November 4th via Gypsy Soul Records. Blending elements of rock and roll, southern blues, and roots music, this Toronto-based group is renowned for their high-energy riffs, soulful vocals, and rich harmonies, creating an authentic Southern-style rock experience.

The band lineup consists of Chris Medhurst (vocals/guitar), Ben Spiller (bass), Ross Hayes Citrullo (lead guitar), and Adam Cannon (drums). The Commoners share a collective aspiration: to compose, perform, and share music that pays homage to the influential pioneers who laid the groundwork for their musical journey.

4. Thundermother

Thundermother, the all-female heavy rock band hailing from Sweden, recently launched their latest album, Black and Gold, on August 19th. Comprising 12 electrifying new tracks, the album encapsulates the captivating rock & roll sound that Thundermother is celebrated for, providing fans with an adrenaline-fueled musical journey.

With four studio albums and a host of lauded live performances, they continue to captivate audiences with their magnetic stage presence. Notably, they are set to join the Scorpions on their upcoming tour.

5. The Georgia Thunderbolts

Hailing from Rome, GA, at the base of the Appalachian Mountains, The Georgia Thunderbolts represent a fresh wave of classic southern rock deeply infused with soul and blues. Their debut album, Can We Get A Witness, showcases their scorching signature style, characterized by a soulful southern swagger, searing blues, and unrefined rock.

6. Naked Gypsy Queens

Emerging as significant players in the modern resurgence of rock & roll, the Tennessee-based quartet Naked Gypsy Queens unveiled their debut EP, Georgiana, in February 2022 through Mascot Records. Coming together during their high school years, the band, Naked Gypsy Queens, forged their following through the traditional approach: plugging in, cranking up, and performing live.

Drawing from amplified blues, dynamic grooves, and the interplay of dual lead guitars, their music pays homage to the larger-than-life sounds of their idols from the 1960s and ’70s. As they swiftly climb the ranks, they are on the path to becoming one of Nashville’s premier rock acts.

7. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

While the band suggests a shift towards roots music with their forthcoming album Shake The Roots, scheduled for release on September 9th, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown has a history of delivering blues-infused modern rock. Their remarkable 2020 album Pressure stands as a testament to both their exceptional talent and their commitment to this genre.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, the band has shared the stage with an impressive roster of musicians, including Chris Cornell, AC/DC, Aerosmith, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, and Guns N’ Roses. The band comprises Tyler Bryant (guitar, vocals), Caleb Crosby (drums), and Graham Whiteford (guitar).

8. The Steepwater Band

With the valuable input from our followers, we’ve included The Steepwater Band in our list. Despite the constraints imposed by the pandemic, this exceptional band’s album Turn of the Wheel was reissued on April 29, 2022, featuring eight newly recorded tracks.

Hailing from Chicago, The Steepwater Band has long been recognized as one of America’s best-kept musical treasures, revered for their exceptional songwriting and their signature blend of blues-infused rock. The band consists of Jeff Massey, Joe Winters, Eric Saylors, and Joe Bishop.

9. Dirty Honey

If you haven’t yet discovered Dirty Honey, now is the perfect time to do so. Considered one of the most exhilarating young bands in rock music, they recently released their latest LP on April 23rd, 2021. Fronted by vocalist Marc LaBelle, guitarist John Notto, bassist Justin Smolian, and drummer Corey Coverstone, their self-titled album was expertly produced by Nick DiDia (known for his work with Rage Against The Machine and Pearl Jam).

With a sound that seamlessly weaves in blues influences, Dirty Honey offers a gritty, energetic rock and roll experience reminiscent of iconic bands like Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. The band has been captivating audiences worldwide through an extensive and impressive world tour.

10. Orianthi

Platinum-certified rock guitarist and vocalist Orianthi brings her dynamic style and powerhouse backing band to the forefront with her latest release, Live From Hollywood, available as of July 15, 2022. This new album serves as a preview for her upcoming release later in the year, yet it stands independently as a phenomenal hard rock performance by one of the industry’s esteemed guitarists.

11. Blacktop Mojo

Hailing from Texas, the rock band Blacktop Mojo boasts one of the finest rock vocalists in the industry, Matt James. Their self-titled album was released in 2022, followed by several singles, including the track “Strike Me.” Their music is characterized by grand, stadium-filling rhythms, powerful guitar riffs, and impassioned, thought-provoking vocals.

Blacktop Mojo serves as a cultural driving force, utilizing their latest album to articulate sentiments that resonate with many. The band’s tight-knit rhythm section comprises Nathan Gillis (drums), Ryan Kiefer (guitar), Chuck Wepfer (guitar), and Matt Curtis (bass).

12. The Damn Truth

Hailing from Canada, The Damn Truth is a rock and roll band known for infusing elements of 70’s rock into their music, characterized by soaring vocals, exceptional guitar work, and driving bass and drums. The band’s sound is contemporary and relevant, reflecting the spirit of modern times.

Their third album, Now Or Nowhere, was released on May 7, 2021, with production credits attributed to Grammy Award-winning producer Bob Rock (noted for his work with Metallica, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and Bon Jovi). The band has extensively toured Europe and the U.S., in addition to opening for renowned acts such as ZZ Top, the Sheepdogs, Styx, and Rival Sons.

The Damn Truth’s lineup comprises Lee-La Baum (vocals, guitar), Tom Shemer (guitars, keys, mandolin), Py Letterlier (bass, vocals), and Dave Traina (drums, vocals).

13. Big Wreck

Acknowledging the input of our followers who recommended Big Wreck, we are pleased to include this hard rock band in our compilation. Their latest EP, Big Wreck: 7.2, was released on June 17th as part of a trilogy of EPs. Originally formed in 1994 at Berklee College of Music, the Canadian-American rock band consisted of Ian Thornley, Brian Doherty, Dave Henning, and Forrest Williams.

They gained prominence in the Boston and Cambridge music scene and subsequently signed with Atlantic Records. Over the years, the band underwent several lineup changes and is currently composed of Ian Thornley, Dave McMillan, Chris Caddell, and Sekou Lumumba. Prior to the release of their album …but For the Sun, the band faced the tragic loss of Doherty in 2019. Undeterred, they continued as a quartet and brought out the EP Big Wreck 7.1 in 2021.

14. When Rivers Meet

Hailing from the UK, When Rivers Meet is a highly acclaimed British blues rock and roll band, consisting of the talented duo Grace Bond (lead vocals, mandolin, violin) and Aaron Bond (guitar, vocals), alongside Roger Inniss (bass) and James Fox (drums, keys, backing vocals). Together, these four musicians deliver a dynamic and captivating stage performance, seamlessly blending an old-school vibe with a contemporary flair.

Their most recent release, The Flying Free Tour Live, was made available on July 29th. This live album features tracks from When Rivers Meet’s first two albums, We Fly Free and Saving Grace, in addition to songs from their two EPs, The Uprising and Innocence of Youth.

15. The Black Moods

Hailing from Arizona, The Black Moods is a hard rock band known for their unfiltered, riff-driven tracks, led by a powerhouse vocalist and supported by a dynamic rhythm section. Their music embodies a contemporary rock and roll sound. Their latest album, Into The Night, was released on June 3rd and was produced by Grammy Award-nominated producer Johnny “K” Karkazis (noted for his work with 3 Doors Down and Disturbed).

The Black Moods stand as one of the most exhilarating American bands of the present time. They skillfully balance movement and melody while staying true to the power trio essence that forms the core of their success.

16. Dan Reed Network

The funk/rock powerhouse Dan Reed Network launched their sixth studio album, Let’s Hear It For The King, under the Drakkar Entertainment label on June 17th. Dan Reed, renowned for his high-octane vocals and heartfelt songwriting, leads this muscular band with an electrifying stage presence.

The band’s foundation rests upon a fusion of robust, funk-infused rock and roll, interwoven with introspective lyrics and innovative melodies. The current lineup comprises Reed on lead vocals, guitar, and synth, Brion James on guitar, vocals, and synth, Melvin Brannon II on bass and vocals, Dan Pred on drums, and Rob Daiker on keyboards, vocals, and guitar.

17. Rival Sons

Recognized as one of the most prominent modern rock bands, Rival Sons’ status as two-time Grammy nominees speaks to their musical prowess. Their latest and sixth album, Feral Roots, was produced by Dave Cobb. Hailing from Long Beach, CA, the band consists of guitarist Scott Holiday, vocalist Jay Buchanan, drummer Michael Miley, keyboardist Todd Ogren, and bassist David Beste.

18. Shaman’s Harvest

Hailing from Missouri, Shaman’s Harvest brings forth a powerful surge of modern rock, characterized by massive riffs, pounding drums, and an infectious high-energy vibe. The band recently unveiled their latest album, Rebelator, and their newest single “Under Your Skin,” released on June 2nd, has been making waves with its hard-hitting sound.

Shaman’s Harvest transcends the commonplace contemporary rock formula, showcasing their prowess with over 250 million streams from their discography, all thanks to their aggressive and contemporary rock sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do modern rock bands differ from classic rock bands?

Modern rock bands often incorporate contemporary production techniques and a wider range of influences, whereas classic rock bands were typically defined by the sound and style of the 1960s and 1970s.

What are some common influences that shape the sound of modern rock bands?

Modern rock bands draw inspiration from various genres such as blues, alternative rock, grunge, and punk, resulting in a diverse and eclectic sound.

How do modern rock bands navigate the challenges of the digital music landscape?

Modern rock bands utilize social media, digital streaming platforms, and online marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and establish a strong online presence.

What are some notable sub-genres within the modern rock music scene?

Sub-genres such as alternative rock, indie rock, post-grunge, and garage rock are prominent within the modern rock music landscape, each offering unique variations of the rock genre.

How do modern rock bands incorporate digital platforms to reach a wider audience?

Modern rock bands leverage digital platforms for online promotions, live streaming concerts, and engaging directly with fans through social media interactions and exclusive content releases.

What are some key elements that define the style and image of modern rock bands?

Dynamic stage presence, introspective songwriting, and a balance between raw energy and emotional depth are some of the key elements that define the style and image of modern rock bands.

How do modern rock bands incorporate technology into their music production?

Modern rock bands integrate advanced recording techniques, digital effects, and software-based instruments to create a rich and layered sonic experience in their music production.

What are some ways modern rock bands engage with their fan base and community?

Modern rock bands often interact with fans through social media platforms, organize meet-and-greet events, and participate in charitable initiatives to foster a strong sense of community and connection with their audience.


Modern rock bands continue to evolve and thrive within the dynamic landscape of the music industry. With a diverse array of influences and a strong emphasis on digital engagement, these bands navigate the challenges of the contemporary music scene while staying true to their unique artistic vision.

By leveraging technology, engaging with their fan base, and embracing new trends, modern rock bands demonstrate their resilience and adaptability, ensuring their relevance and impact in the ever-changing world of music. With a blend of raw energy, emotional depth, and a commitment to innovation, modern rock bands maintain a powerful presence that resonates with audiences worldwide, solidifying their position as key contributors to the ongoing narrative of rock and roll.

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