How to choose a guitar for children?

Your child’s passion for playing the guitar is evident, and they’re eager to have their instrument. Selecting the appropriate guitar can significantly enhance their playing journey, especially during their formative years when they absorb knowledge swiftly. 

Navigating this process might seem overwhelming for parents driven by the desire to offer the best for their children. Hence, we aim to guide you through key considerations when investing in your child’s inaugural guitar, ensuring a delightful musical voyage ahead.

List of guitars for children

Introducing children to the world of guitar opens a gateway to creativity and musical expression. A child’s first guitar is more than just an instrument; it’s a companion on their journey of self-discovery and artistic growth. Selecting the right guitar is pivotal, as it shapes their early experiences and sets the foundation for their musical development.

Various options, from acoustic to electric, cater to different preferences and skill levels. Children can embark on a fulfilling musical adventure with proper guidance and encouragement, discovering the joy of strumming chords and creating melodies that resonate with their youthful spirit.

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It may seem straightforward to assume that a child-sized guitar is inherently easy for a child to play. However, this assumption often overlooks the reality that not all children’s guitars are created equal. Many lower-quality options are crafted from subpar materials and woods, resulting in instruments with high strings that hinder ease of play. This diminishes the child’s enjoyment and fosters poor playing habits as they need help navigating the instrument’s limitations.

To counteract this, gathering as much information as possible about a prospective guitar before purchase is crucial. Ideally, allow your child to test it firsthand, ensuring it meets their comfort and playability needs. Alternatively, if testing isn’t feasible, inquire about adjustments made for child-friendly playability with the seller. These steps ensure a smoother, more enjoyable musical journey for your young guitarist.

Why should a child learn guitar on a classical model?

Expanding on the previous point, a vital recommendation is to start your child’s musical journey with a classical guitar. Unlike steel strings, classical guitars feature nylon strings, offering a softer touch that’s gentler on young fingers. This softness makes pressing down on the strings and strumming considerably more accessible for children.

Introducing a child to metal strings right away can lead to physical discomfort, potentially deterring them from pursuing their musical interests. Beginning with a classical guitar provides a more comfortable and enjoyable learning experience, setting the stage for a lifelong love of playing the guitar.

What size guitar does my child need?

When selecting a guitar for your child, size is a crucial factor influenced by their height, arm length, and hand size rather than a strict age-based guideline. While these factors vary within age groups, there are rough recommendations to consider: 4-6-year-olds may opt for a 30″ ¼ size, 6-9-year-olds for a 34″ ¾ size, 9-12-year-olds for a 36″ ¾ size, and those over 12 can progress to a 40″ or 41″ full-sized guitar.

However, suppose your child exhibits strong enthusiasm and desires to play a larger-sized guitar. In that case, it may be beneficial for them to adapt to size challenges rather than feeling discontent with an instrument they perceive as unsuitable. For additional insights, refer to Lisa McCormick’s video, “Your Child’s First Guitar: What Size is Right?”


Your child’s excitement about the guitar they’ll play is a crucial yet abstract consideration. Forcing a specific guitar choice upon them without involving them in the decision-making process diminishes their likelihood of embracing the instrument and thriving. It’s essential to prioritize their enthusiasm and involvement when selecting a guitar, ensuring they feel a sense of ownership and excitement towards their musical journey. This approach fosters a deeper connection with the instrument and sets the stage for their growth and enjoyment as budding musicians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age is suitable for a child to start learning the guitar?

The ideal age for a child to learn the guitar varies, but many instructors recommend starting around 6 to 8. However, some children may be ready earlier, while others may need to wait until they’re older.

Should I buy an acoustic or electric guitar for my child?

Choosing an acoustic or an electric guitar depends on your child’s preferences and playing style. Acoustic guitars are often recommended for beginners due to their simplicity and portability, while electric guitars offer versatility in sound and style.

How do I choose the right size guitar for my child?

Selecting the right size guitar involves considering your child’s height, arm length, and hand size. There are general guidelines based on age, but it’s essential to have your child try out different sizes to find the most comfortable fit.

What features should I look for in a children’s guitar?

Look for guitars with nylon strings, which’re softer and easier on young fingers. Additionally, consider lightweight and durable materials, smooth fret edges, and a comfortable neck profile for easy play.

Should I involve my child in the guitar selection process?

Absolutely! Involving your child in choosing their guitar fosters a sense of ownership and excitement about learning to play. Let them explore different options and styles to find the one that resonates with them.

Where can I get further advice on choosing a guitar for my child?

Seek guidance from experienced guitar instructors, music stores specializing in children’s instruments, or online resources. Additionally, don’t hesitate to contact customer support teams at guitar shops for personalized recommendations.


Selecting the right guitar for your child is crucial in nurturing their musical passion and ensuring a positive learning experience. By considering factors such as age, size, and personal preference, you can find a guitar that fits your child’s needs and encourages their enthusiasm for playing.

Whether opting for a classical or electric guitar, prioritizing comfort, playability, and involvement in the selection process is critical. With guidance from experienced professionals and a supportive approach, you can set the stage for your child to embark on a fulfilling and enjoyable musical journey.

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