Easy Hindi Songs Guitar Chords: Top 30 Picks for Beginners

Welcome to the world of music where the melodious strains of Hindi songs blend seamlessly with the timeless charm of the guitar! If you’re a beginner, eager to explore the enchanting realm of playing Hindi songs on the guitar, you’ve come to the right place. In this musical journey, we present to you the “Top 30 Best Hindi Songs Guitar Chords – Beginners,” a handpicked collection that will set you on a delightful path of learning and mastering this captivating instrument.

The guitar, with its versatile nature, has been an integral part of the Indian music scene for decades, and it continues to resonate with music enthusiasts of all ages. However, for beginners, deciphering the complex chords and patterns of Hindi songs might seem like a daunting task. Fear not! This meticulously curated list is tailored to suit the needs of budding guitarists who are taking their first steps into the realm of Hindi music.

Each song featured in this collection has been chosen not only for its melodious appeal but also for its relative simplicity in terms of chord progressions. We understand that as a beginner, starting with songs that have uncomplicated chord structures can boost your confidence and make the learning process more enjoyable.

Whether you’re a fan of soulful Bollywood ballads, foot-tapping chartbusters, or evergreen classics, our selection covers a diverse range of genres and eras, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From romantic tunes that tug at the heartstrings to peppy tracks that make you want to dance, you’ll find a rich variety of songs waiting to be strummed.

Hindi Songs/Song Guitar Chords

1 – Tera Ghata – Gajendra Verma – Chords

2 – Dil Diyan gallan – Atif Aslam – Chords

3 – Hawayein – Pritam – Chords

4 – Haareya – Arijit Singh – Chords

5 – Tere Sang Yaara – Atif Aslam – Chords

6 – Bol Do Na Zara – Armaan Malik – Chords

7 – Tu Hi Hai – Arijit Singh – Chords

8 – Zehnaseeb – Vishal-Shekhar – Chords

9 – Dekha Hazaro Dafaa – Arijit Singh – Chords

10 – Bolna – Arjit Singh – Chords

Guitar Chords Of Bollywood Songs

11 – Pani Da Rang – Ayushman Khurana – Chords

12 – Ambarsariya – Sona Mohapatra – Chords

13 – Naina – Amaal & Armaan Mallik – Chords

14 – Tu Hi Tu – Salmaan Khan – Chords

15 – Samjhawan ( Unplugged ) – Alia Bhatt – Chords

16 – Tum Se Hi – Mohit Chauhan – Chords

17 – Jeena Jeena – Atif Aslam – Chords

18 – Bin Tere ( Reprise ) – Shekhar Ravjiani – Chords

19 – Phir Mohabbat – Arijit Singh – Chords

20 – Chahun Main Ya Na – Arijit Singh – Chords

Guitar Chords Of Hindi Songs

21 – O Pakeezah Re – Gulraj Singh – Chords

22 – Subhanallah – Sreeram – Chords

23 – Saadi Gali Aaja – A.Khurana – Chords

24 – Galliya – Ankit Tiwari – Chords

25 – Dil Kya Kare – Adnan Sami – Chords

26 – Rehna Tu – A.R.Rahman – Chords

27 – Iktara – Kavita Seth – Chords

28 – Te Amo – Ash King – Chords

29 – Fanny Re – Finding Fanny – Chords

30 – O Meri Jaan – K.K – Chords

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior musical knowledge to use this collection?

No, you don’t need any prior musical knowledge to use this collection. The chords and song arrangements are beginner-friendly, and we have provided chord diagrams and guidance to help you understand and play the songs with ease.

Are the chords suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars?

Yes, the chords in this collection are suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars. You can play these songs on any type of guitar you have available.

Can I use this collection to learn fingerpicking or strumming patterns?

Absolutely! This collection includes a variety of songs with different strumming patterns and fingerpicking styles. It’s a great resource to practice both techniques and enhance your overall guitar skills.

Are the songs in this collection recent Bollywood songs or classic hits?

The collection covers a diverse range of songs from various eras of Hindi music. You’ll find a mix of recent Bollywood hits and evergreen classics, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable learning experience.

How do I access the chords and song tutorials?

The chords and song tutorials are available on our website. You can find them by visiting the designated section dedicated to the “Top 30 Best Hindi Songs Guitar Chords – Beginners.” The tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on how to play each song.


The “Top 30 Best Hindi Songs Guitar Chords – Beginners” collection opens the door to a world of enchanting melodies and the joy of playing Hindi songs on the guitar. It is carefully curated to cater to beginners, providing a wide range of songs with accessible chord progressions and user-friendly tutorials. Whether you’re new to the guitar or have limited musical experience, this collection is designed to make your musical journey enjoyable and rewarding.

From soul-stirring Bollywood ballads to foot-tapping chartbusters and evergreen classics, the selection offers a rich variety of songs that resonate with diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer strumming or fingerpicking, the collection provides a valuable resource to practice and enhance your guitar-playing skills.

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