Hey Jude Chords by The Beatles with Strumming Pattern

‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles stands as an iconic classic that offers an enjoyable experience when played on the guitar. For those seeking the chords of this renowned piece, you’ve come to the correct destination.

Beneath, you’ll discover the chords required, the strumming pattern to employ, and comprehensive guidance to aid you in mastering this song from its inception to its conclusion.


Hey Jude Chords


The chords essential for playing “Hey Jude” by The Beatles encompass D, A, A7, G, D7, Em, C, and Bm. With the exception of the B minor chord, all others are open chords, rendering them relatively straightforward to execute.

It’s crucial to note that this version necessitates the use of a capo on the 3rd fret to align with the track’s original pitch. This addition elevates the overall musicality and ensures a harmonious synchronization with the song.

Hey Jude Strumming Pattern

The strumming pattern for this song is delightfully straightforward, following the sequence of D-D-D-DU. For a more comprehensive grasp of this pattern, I recommend referring to the video provided above.

A visual representation can significantly enhance your understanding of how to execute the strumming pattern accurately.

Song - Hey Jude

Artist - The Beatles

Chords - D, A, A7, G, D7, Em, C, and Bm

Key - D

Tuning - Standard

Capo - 3rd Fret

Hey Jude Lyrics with Chords

[Verse 1]
Hey [D]Jude, don’t make it [A]bad

Take a [A7]sad song and make it [D]better

Re[G]member to let her into your [D]heart

Then you can sta[A]rt to make it [D]better
[Verse 2]
Hey [D]Jude, don’t be a[A]fraid

You were [A7]made to go out and [D]get her

The [G]minute you let her under your [D]skin

Then you be[A]gin to make it [D]better
And [D7]anytime you feel the [G]pain, hey [Bm]Jude, re[Em]frain

Don’t carry the [A7]world upon your [D]shoulders

[D7]For well you know that it’s a [G]fool who [Bm]plays it [Em]cool

By making his [A7]world a little [D]colder

[D7]Na na an [A7]na na na na na na na
[Verse 3]
Hey [D]Jude, don’t let me [A]down

You have [A7]found her, now go and [D]get her

Re[G]member to let her into your [D]heart

Then you can sta[A]rt  to make it [D]better
[D7]So let it out and let it [G]in, hey [Bm]Jude,

Be[Em]gin you’re waiting for [A7]someone to per[D]form with

[D7]And don’t you know that it’s just [G]you, hey [Bm]Jude, you’ll [Em]do

The movement you [A7]need is on your [D]shoulder

[D7]Na an [A7]na na na na na na na yeah
[Verse 4]
Hey [D]Jude, don’t make it [A]bad

Take a [A7]sad song and make it [D]better

Re[G]member to let her under your [D]skin

Then you’ll be[A]gin to make it

[D]Better better better better better better, oh
[D]Naa na an [C]na na na, [G]na, na na na na, hey [D]Jude (Repeat)
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